Product Information

  • EPSON LQ/LX-310
    EPSON LQ-590/2090
    EPSON LQ-2190
    EPSON FX-2175/2190
    EPSON L110/210/220/130/360/380/565
    EPSON L3110/4160
    EPSON TM-U220D
    EPSON PM235/245/520
    EPSON M100/M200

About Printer Spare Parts & Accessories

We do carry genuine spare parts for EPSON brand with affordable cost and service. The spares are available for reselling also. The main components include Print Head, Main Board, Power Supply Boards, Head Cables, Timing belts, CR Scales, Ink tubes for ink tank printers, Waste Ink Pad, Scanner cables, Ink adapters, sensors and all accessories that you require of the below models.

1. EPSON LQ/LX-310
2. EPSON LQ-590/2090
3. EPSON LQ-2190
4. EPSON FX-2175/2190
5. EPSON L110/210/220/130/360/380/565
6. EPSON L3110/4160
8. EPSON PM235/245/520
9. EPSON M100/M200